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Ben & Jerry's unterstützt seine Franchisenehmer an einem wichtigen Tag für die Marke

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„Yext ist ein überraschend leistungsfähiges Tool, das unseren Franchisenehmern im Hintergrund die Arbeit erleichtert. Und der Free Cone Day ist ein perfektes Beispiel für den unterstützenden Einsatz der Plattform von Yext, die an diesem für Ben & Jerry's so wichtigen Tag für reibungslose Betriebsabläufe sowie zufriedene und engagierte Mitarbeiter sorgt.“

Jay Kasparian, Associate Brand Manager, Scoop Shops

As a brand, Ben & Jerry’s inspires a lot more in the minds of consumers than simply ‘ice cream!’ — although it does that, too. What began as a single store-front operating out of a converted gas station has become one of the world’s most popular purveyors of ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet. Since 1978, the popular Vermont-based ice cream brand has cultivated a loyal following, as much around its socially responsible business practices as around its eclectically named flavors.

Yext Helps Simplify ‘Free Cone Day’

Ben & Jerry’s launched with Yext just in time for Free Cone Day. Free Cone Day is the brand’s annual celebration where they scoop free cones for fans at their scoop shops around the world. The tradition started all the way back in 1979 at that first scoop shop in Burlington, Vermont to thank everyone for all the love and support they showed them in that first year of business.

"On Free Cone Day, every shop is open for the same period of time, from noon to 8 pm, and all we do is scoop cups and cones all day—you can’t get anything else off the menu," explains Jay Kasparian, Associate Brand Manager – Scoop Shops."Yext gave us an easy solution to update hours across all participating shops just for Free Cone Day…a simple, but key piece to help make Free Cone Day a success."

Adds Kasparian, "From a franchisee perspective, it’s a busy day. They have a lot to focus on — from managing the line to keeping the shop clean to keeping scoopers excited throughout the day. Yext gives us an easy, out-of-sight, out-of-mind solution that takes something off individual franchisees’ plates and lets them have more time to celebrate with our fans on Free Cone Day!"